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California Solves Its Budget Crisis – Sort Of

California has come up with a plan to kick the can down the road. Of course, it’s being trumpeted as a solution to the current state financial crisis. I’ll let you be the judge. From the WSJ: Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and California legislative leaders Monday said they reached a compromise to close the state’s $26 […]

Google Moon

Pretty cool Google moon map. Here’s the link for the interactive version.

SwapRent: Ralph Liu’s Mortgage Innovation

You may have noticed some posts on this blog and elsewhere last week about what some term the Obama Own-To-Rent program. Essentially, the idea is to permit homeowners who lose their house to foreclosure to remain in the property as renters. I’m not going to rehash the program or the differences of opinion; you can […]

Two Views On Home Prices

Barry Ritholtz has a really good post which outlines the reasons that he doesn’t think house prices have come anywhere near a bottom. Here is his logic: • Prices: By just about every measure, Home prices on a national basis remain elevated. They are now far off their highs, but are still remain about ~15% above […]