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Congress Doesn’t Really Hate Golf

Remember the outrage about golf and banks sponsoring golf tournaments while they were recipients of TARP money. One would have thought that the game of golf (which I happen to love) was one of the roots of our economic demise. Well it turns out that the political class loves golf too, particularly when it can […]

Would You Accept A Wealth Tax?

Felix Salmon at Reuters has a post up this afternoon that asks why the Wall Street Journal is referring to the proposal to place a surtax on various levels of income as a wealth tax. He contends it’s an income tax and I would have to agree with him. I don’t know why the WSJ […]

Lawrence Summers On The Future

The Financial Times has an interesting interview with Larry Summers. Like many of these things it contains way too much color from the writer and way too little in the way of hard commentary from the interviewee. Nevertheless, the author does manage to pry some interesting thoughts from Summers. On how Obama views the crisis […]

Obama Says No Second Stimulus Needed

Well I think you can consign any second (third?) stimulus program to the dustbin. President Obama basically said this morning that he was sticking to his plan, it is having a positive effect and it was designed to work over time. From After beginning his with a recap of his “progress on these challenges […]