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Friday Failures

Looks like just one bank this week. Here is the link: Bank of Wyoming, Thermopolis, Wyoming How many banks do you think there might be in Wyoming? I have no idea but I suspect one failure wipes out a fair percentage of them.

The Market In California IOUs

Evan Newmark at The Deal Journal has a very clever column up on the California IOUs. Here’s a bit of it: Who says the American genius for financial innovation is dead? Nine months after Wall Street nearly destroyed itself, and we already have a burgeoning new securities market: California IOUs. Apparently, the SEC wants these […]

How The TARP Warrants Are Valued

There’s been a lot of blather over the last couple of days about the banks trying to lowball the price for the warrants that the government received when they extended TARP funds. Most of it seeks to paint the banks as the bad guys, as hardball negotiators who are trying to pull a fast one […]

How The House Wants You To Pay For Health Care

Following up on yesterday’s post about taxes to pay for health care reform, here is where Charlie Rangel wants to go: From The Hill: The House will propose raising taxes on people earning more than $350,000 a year to pay $540 billion for healthcare reform, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) said Friday. […]

TARP For Small Businesses

Call it the second stimulus incognito. Reports are swirling around about the administration’s plans to use TARP funds to support small businesses. Before your blood pressure reaches danger levels take a deep breath. Despite all the heavy breathing in the blogosphere they appear to just be kicking ideas around. Make no mistake about it, they […]

Did He Or Didn’t He Check Her Out?

OK, you be the judge. It looks like President Obama gets a pass and wasn’t leering at a rather attractive derriere at the G8 summit. French President Sarkozy on the other hand appears to be doing what any self-respecting Frenchman would be expected to do — staring intently!

CIT’s Bid For FDIC Backing Stalls

The current dustup over CIT will tell us a lot about the intentions of the Treasury with respect to the banking industry. If you aren’t familiar with the story, CIT converted to a bank holding company last year in order to qualify for TARP funds and the other goodies that supposedly come with that Charter. […]