Boone Pickens Retreats On Wind Power

Remember Boone Pickens plans to cover the United States with windmills and lead all of us into the brave new world of renewable energy? Well, never mind.

From Fox:

Boone Pickens no longer plans to build the world’s largest wind farm, a spokesman for the Texas billionaire told the Dallas Morning News. Pickens had already delayed some of his plans. Now he said he instead plans to build five or six smaller wind farms in the Midwest and possibly Texas. Hurdles faces by Pickens included lower natural gas prices, which made power from wind less desireable, plus a lack of transmissions lines. “It was a little more complicated than we thought,” Pickens told the newspaper.

I’ll resist the temptation to get all preachy on this. Let’s just note that this probably won’t be the last green project that after all sorts of bluster fades away and wouldn’t it be nice if our politicians recognized that these things are a “little more complicated” than they think.

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