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No Money, What The Hell, Give Jacko A Big Sendoff

This is insane. From Fox: The City of Los Angeles is likely to face costs of $3.8 million related to Tuesday’s public memorial service for singer Michael Jackson, higher than a previous estimate of $2.5 million, Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine told MarketWatch late Monday, citing new figures from the city’s chief legislative analyst. […]

How The Public Pension Funds Avoid The Truth

There’s been much discussion, in fact so much as to cause overload, about the pension time bomb among state and local governments that I hate to add to it. Nevertheless, I would like to direct you to a short and easy to read editorial in the WSJ today. The point of the article is that […]

The Union Drive To Organize BofA’s Tellers – Will The Government Give An Assist?

Once the government gets involved in private enterprise there is no telling from which direction pressure will come to advance special interests in those enterprises. Today’s example is the union drive to organize Bank of America’s tellers. Charlie Gasparino broke the story today on CNBC and has a column up about it in the New […]

Single Family Home Investors: What’s Driving Them?

Why are ordinary Americans jumping back into the real estate investment market so readily. One would think the sector would be avoided like the plague but it appears as if single family homes as investment vehicles may be more popular than ever. Mind you, it’s hard to get reliable data on how many single family […]

Best Graph Of The Day

You may or may not buy into the story this graph from the New York Times tells about economic recovery, but you will have to admit it’s one of the cooler interactive graphs you’re likely to come across. Pay no attention to the squiggles below, they will make sense once you work through the slides. […]

The Fed’s Unpublished Outlook For Interest Rates

It would be pretty hard to come up with a number for the amount of pixels that have been expended discussing the impact of increasing budgets and budget deficits on future interest rates, it’s no doubt an astronomical amount. Little did we know that the Fed had already calculated the answer. The Telegraph reports that […]

A Happy Economic Forecast

It’s been a rough week for economic news and the prospects for this recession ending anytime soon. That’s why I think you deserve a happy face forecast. So without further delay, we have this from the Wall Street Journal’s Real Time Economics Blog: It might seem preposterous, but some economists say it’s highly possible that […]