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Happy Independence Day

Making this one into a tradition. This is the second July 4th go round for this one. It’s worth remembering in these tough times that we do have something precious which also needs to be guarded and nurtured.

Rest Stops Become A Casualty Of The Recession

Don’t blame me if you didn’t get this story before you set out on your holiday road trip, the WSJ just published it today. If they had any sense it would have been featured on Monday. I’m talking about the demise of the roadside rest stop. It seems the states have determined that in the […]

Unemployment Report Stirs Things Up

Yesterday’s jobs report seems to have shaken people up. Though he’s been arguing in favor of more stimulus or rather a second stimulus for some time, Paul Krugman amped it up today in a NYT editorial: O.K., Thursday’s jobs report settles it. We’re going to need a bigger stimulus. But does the president know that? […]

Carbon-Tariff Policies Heat Up The Chinese

No surprise this. China is ratcheting up its opposition to tariffs tied to greenhouse gas emission policies. From the WSJ: China’s central government reiterated its opposition to carbon tariff policies and said they could provoke a trade war, ratcheting up the rhetoric as lawmakers in the U.S. consider legislation to reduce greenhouse gases. A statement […]

The Case-Shiller 100 Year Real Estate Chart

I’ve posted this chart before and it continues to fascinate me. This time The Big Picture has updated it to show what a decline to “fair value” might mean for prices. You might and probably could quibble with where prices end up but there is a fair case to be made for their projections for […]