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Keith Hennessey On Waxman-Markey

If you’re a political junkie and if you have an interest in the Waxman-Markey legislation then I urge you to take a look at Keith Hennessey’s post on the subject. It’s a non-partisan look at what might eventually land on the President’s desk but more than that, it’s a hard nosed look at how legislation […]

Random Thoughts

I’m in one of those musing moods, so move on along if you find this as boring as I suspect it might be. Walmart Love ’em of hate ’em you have to admire not only their chutzpah but their political savvy. By backing a piece of health care reform which mandates employer provided health insurance […]

The Government Says It Will Walk Out On GM If Deadlines Aren’t Met

This certainly has to qualify as the most obvious empty threat of the year — at least so far this year. From Fox, auto task force member, Harry Wilson, testifying in the GM bankruptcy hearing that the government does have a drop dead date for concluding the sale of GM to “New GM”. “We cannot […]

Jack Welch Sees Workers Empowered By The Recession – Huh?

I guess if you once ran one of the biggest companys in the world you can get away with writing this kind of tripe and perhaps even have a few people believe it. Jack and Suzy Welch (yes that Jack Welch) have an opinion piece on BusinessWeek that suggests laid off workers are devising ways […]

June Auto Sales

Here are June sales for the major manufacturers in the U.S. Ford                         -11% GM                           -33% Chrysler                   -42% Toyota       […]

Pimco’s Gross Is Still Downbeat

Are you ready for Bill Gross’s latest missive? He’s waxing quite pessimistic this month. Gross avers that, “Greed will come again.” The problem is that he might well be in his crypt by the time it arrives since he thinks it will take a generation. PIMCO and yours truly are not masters of the antithesis, […]

Obama’s Subprime Refinance Program

The Obama administration has decided that more subprime loans are part of the solution to the mortgage crisis. Accordingly, borrowers with eligible mortgages that are up to 125% of the value of the underlying real estate will be eligible for a loan modification. From HousingWire, here are the details: The administration expanded its Home Affordable […]