Mankiw Tires Of Krugman

Greg Mankiw seems to have had enough of Paul Krugman. In a post today he had a rather pointed rejoinder to Krugman’s latest missive directed towards him:

In a brief blog post on healthcare, Paul Krugman says that George Will and I are “either remarkably ignorant or simply disingenuous.” I cannot speak for George, but I can attest that I am completely ingenuous. So I suppose I must be remarkably ignorant.

There is a lot of that going around lately. In an earlier post on the state of macroeconomics, Paul says, “Brad DeLong and I have been sort of tag-teaming the Great Ignorance which seems to have overtaken much of the economics profession.”

What is going through Paul’s head as he writes these posts? I suspect three things:

You can read the rest here and I recommend you take a couple of minutes and do so.

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