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Political One-Liners Of The Week

I’ve been meaning to feature this over the weekend and it keeps slipping my mind. So without further delay, here from are a couple of their political one-liners of the week. “John Kerry, why the long face?” —Gov. Sarah Palin, poking fun at the Massachusetts drawn-out features. “He touched me.” —Rep. Maxine Waters, accusing […]

GM Relents On Product Liability

A week or so ago I wrote a post about GM’s attempt to rid itself of any product liability claims that might arise from autos it manufactured prior to its bankruptcy. There was some substantial push-back on this and it appears as if decency achieved a partial victory. From the NYT: General Motors and the Obama […]

Zombie Community Banks

With all the hoopla this week about the big banks repaying their TARP loans you would tend to think that the program is, if not winding down, then in a collect the interest and wait for repayment mode. If that’s the case, they you’re thinking if wrong. The WSJ reports that the Treasury is busier […]

Another Mortgage Modification Proposal – Why?

The Milken Institute is thumping the drum for another mortgage modification program. This one would have the government make mortgage lenders whole and take the burden of negative equity off the shoulders of the homeowner. From the LA Times, here is what they propose: One proposal for a debt-forgiveness program was floated this month by […]

Rustbelt Renaissance?

It was a big week for Michigan as GE picked it as the site for a new technology center and GM announced that the state was the winner in the race to land a new plant to manufacture small cars. Maybe Flint should think twice about bulldozing all those houses. From the NYT: General Electric will […]

Appraisal Discussion

You may have been following the several articles that I’ve written on the controversy swirling around the new appraisal procedures. Those articles were picked up and syndicated elsewhere. One commenter, Drew Sygit, left some well reasoned comments on the Seeking Alpha website. I’m not sure that Drew and I are far off on a lot […]