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Friday Failure Update

Oops. I usually wait until I’m sure that the FDIC has spent all of its Friday bullets. I didn’t change this week but they came in late with this one. So not four but five banks go down. Here is the link to the last one. Mirae Bank, Los Angeles, California I don’t know why […]

Friday Failures

Working overtime this week, the FDIC shut down four banks. Here are the links: MetroPacific Bank, Irvine, California Horizon Bank, Pine City, Minnesota Neighborhood Community Bank, Newnan, Georgia Community Bank of West Georgia, Villa Rica, Georgia Do you ever wonder who thinks up the name for these banks. Neighborhood Community Bank, how redundant is that? […]

Is There A Problem Looming With FHA Loans?

This is a chart (click to enlarge) that HousingWire published a couple of days ago. It’s generally interesting but I’d like to focus in on one particular issue. The chart shows loans rolling from current status to 30 days delinquent on a monthly basis. There’s a lot of fluctuation month-to-month caused by a host of […]

The Appraisal Battle Continues

The National Association of Home Builders has joined the National Association of Realtors in the fight to roll back the Home Valuation Code of Conduct. Actually, I’m not sure they want to roll back the HVCC so much as they want to dictate the methodology that appraisers currently use to arrive at a value for […]