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Bernanke On The Hot Seat

Just in case you missed it, a reminder that Bernanke is going to be on the Hill tomorrow defending himself and the Fed in the case of BofA’s purchase of Merrill. It might be interesting, at least it will be a preview of the battle that might shape up over his reappointment as Fed Chairman. […]

Treasury To Raise PPIP From The Crypt

No matter how bad the idea, once it’s been given life and funding it seems that in Washington it’s impossible to kill. The case in point tonight is the PPIP. Yes, that program, the apparent death of which a couple of weeks ago caused you to breathe a sigh of relief. Well not so fast, […]

Appraisal Assault Part 2

I’m shocked (note sarcasm intended) that my prior post on the assault on the appraisal process didn’t deter the realtors. It also appears that Diana Olick is setting herself up as their chief flack. Here’s what she had to say today. I want to thank everyone for the emails into the┬áRealtyCheck@cnbc.comregarding the┬áHome Valuation Code of […]

The Vanishing Private Sector Job Market

These may well be the most depressing set of graphs that I have seen in a long time. They’re from Michael Mandel of Business Week. The first chart shows the historical growth in private sector jobs: Now look at job growth in the private and public sector over the past 10 years. Mandel takes it […]

Good News On Durable Goods Not Such Good News On New Home Sales

I guess the meme that said we need to see housing rebound before we really start pulling out of the recession has been put on the shelf. A lackluster new home sales report for May was overshadowed by the durable goods report. The news is pushing up equities across the board. Here is the news […]