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The Housing Storm May Not Be Over

I was all set to write an upbeat post about how a story in the WSJ was another indication that the housing market was slowly getting better when an article in the Arizona Republic stopped me dead in my tracks. Let me explain. First, the WSJ article reports that some homebuilders are starting to acquire […]

Does Bernanke Get A Second Term?

One of the bigger guessing games in Washington over the next year or so is going to be the fate of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. President Obama gave him a pat on the back today which set off a round of “Bens In” talk but it’s a long time until reappointment and there are lots […]

Timeline Of The Crisis

Here’s something you might want to bookmark or print out and frame. It’s a timeline of the financial crisis from the NY Fed. Don’t lose it. You may want to refer back in 20 years or so when we go through this again.

The Assault On Ethical Appraisals

I’ve already written about the putsch to overthrow the new appraisal rules and probably should leave it at that. However, Diana Olick and the NAR are beating the drums loudly for repeal and Olick’s blog post is just too over the top to let it pass without comment. She starts out with this quote from […]

The NAR On Existing Home Sales And Low Ball Appraisals

The National Association of Realtors is out with their monthly report. Overall sales rose but less than expected. Their take on things was upbeat. Here are the details: Single-family home sales rose 1.9 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.25 million in May from a pace of 4.17 million in April, but are […]