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Commercial Real Estate Free Fall

Sometimes it pays to be late to a story. In this case, the decline in commercial property values probably has a lot to do with the problems community banks appear to be facing which I discussed in the post below. First, the facts. According to the WSJ, Moody’s Investors Services reported today that their index […]

Deadbeat Banks

The Wall Street Journal reports that three banks that received TARP funds have stopped paying the required dividends to the Treasury. The Treasury says a “number” of banks have not been making their payments. From the WSJ: Pacific Capital Bancorp, a Santa Barbara, Calif., lender that got $180.6 million from the Treasury Department in November, […]

Obama Poll Numbers Head South

President Obama’s poll numbers are starting to wilt like the infamous “green shoots.” Though he is still personally quite popular, his handling of the economy is driving down his poll numbers. From “The real driver is not the president’s personal popularity,” which remains robust, Kohut said, “but faith in him to deal with the […]

No Pain With Cap-And-Trade

The Web has been full of reports and analyses over the past few days of the surprisingly low cost to an average household of the proposed cap-and-trade legislation. Here is how MarketWatch describes the cost: The bill, which passed the House Energy and Commerce Committee in May, calls for cutting greenhouse gas emissions 17% from […]

Harvard On Housing

Harvard is out with a new study on the nation’s housing market. It’s chock full of charts, numbers and analysis so you might want to take a look and bookmark it for future reference. Just in case you’re tempted to put a whole lot of stock in their projections, check out this post at Calculated […]