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Is Higher Unemployment One Of The Legacies Of This Recession?

A month or so ago, I wrote a post about the semi-permanent digression that occurred in the early 1990’s between U.S. unemployment rates and California unemployment rates. The cliff notes version is that from the early ’90’s  on California unemployment has averaged about 2% more than the national average through all of the economic cycles. I […]

What Recession?

If you wondered why Goldman was in such a hurry to pay back its TARP money, this might help explain it. From the Guardian: Staff at Goldman Sachs staff can look forward to the biggest bonus payouts in the firm’s 140-year history after a spectacular first half of the year, sparking concern that the big investment banks […]

Fiscal Stimulus: The Growing Debate About When To End It

There seems to be a growing body of opinion that suggests it’s time to cut back on stimulus and begin repairing government balance sheets. Are we risking a repeat of 1937? As reported by Reuters, Jean-Claude Trichet, the President of the European Central Bank, said today that governments cannot amass more debt to fight the […]