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Toyota Set To Become Top Dog In The U.S.

Depending upon your philosophical bent, this is either good news or another sign that the Apocalypse is near. The WSJ is reporting that Toyota is slated to take over the title as the number 1 seller of light vehicles in the U.S. The bankruptcies of General Motors and Chrysler are changing the landscape of the […]

Milton Friedman On Health Care

This article by Milton Friedman was cited on Greg Mankiw’s blog today. It’s ten years old but still quite relevant. If you have an interest in the health care debate, I recommend that you read it.

Some Contrarian Ideas

Liam Halligan has a bit of an iconoclastic piece in the Telegraph today. In it he takes on fiscal stimulus and regulatory reform. I find myself agreeing with some of his points and on the fence with regard to some others. Quantitative Easing This column has long-argued the Western world’s policy reaction to “sub-prime” has […]

Fighting For Rights In The GM Bankruptcy

I’ve linked to Steve Jakubowski’s bankruptcy litigation blog several times during the auto company Chapter 11 proceedings. I think he has done an admirable job of explaining the ins and outs of the process and the peculiar considerations surrounding the auto company actions. Now, he’s taken an activist interest in a certain issue that should […]

Cash For Clunkers ll

It looks as if the cash for clunkers program may not give quite the goose to car sales that was intended. Though the auto dealers are gearing up for a big push some analysts point out a couple items that might mute the program’s success. From the WSJ: The $1 billion appropriated in the bill […]

GE Exec Sees A Lot Of Thistles

GE Vice Chairman John Rice isn’t buying into the “green shoots” theory. As he tells Bloomberg, from his perch things still look pretty rough. “I am not particularly of the green shoots group yet,” Rice said today to the Atlanta Press Club, referring to a phrase used by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke that described signs […]