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Designing A Bonus Plan Is No Walk In The Park

Absolutely the best thoughts I’ve seen on compensation. Not dogmatic, not interested in arguing a political position, just simply a great review of the difficulties of designing a bonus structure that works. Here is the link to the Atlantic.

Tax Cuts And Fiscal Stimulus

At The Atlantic Derek Thompson reviews the latest lightning bolts from Paul Krugman which seem intended for anyone who suggests that we need to think about backing off on fiscal stimulus. Thompson seems to be in the Krugman camp which is fine and then republishes this graph from Krugman’s blog. The point being that Reagan’s […]

The Fallout From The Iranian Elections

You no doubt have heard approximately ten times as much analysis of the Iranian elections as you would like. So, I won’t bore you with any more. I don’t know enough about the internal politics of the country to do it anyway. But I do want to suggest a rather disquieting scenario that might ensue […]

A Couple Bearish Views For The Dollar

Two grim assessments for the future of the dollar. The first is from James Pethokoukis at Reuters (if you aren’t reading this guy’s posts then start to do so): Great, great stuff from the great Andy Busch of BMO Capital Markets: “According to the US Treasury, the two¬†largest holders of U.S. debt are China with […]

An Economic Mixed Bag

The recovery crowd got a little of cold water in the face this morning with the release of the New York Fed’s Empire Report. This report cover June and is generally the earliest gauge of business conditions. From Reuters: The New York Fed’s “Empire State” general business conditions index fell to minus 9.41 in June […]