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A Sneak Peak At The Obama Regulatory Plans

The WSJ is out with the first rumors/speculation about the Obama financial regulatory overhaul. It’s expected on Wednesday. According to the Journal the Fed is the big winner as it becomes the “systemic regulator” but somehow it’s going to have to do this as a member of some council of regulators. Evidently they will have […]

New SoCal Office Building Sold At 40% Discount To Cost

Ouch! Maguire Properties, a beleagured Los Angeles real estate investment trust, just sold a brand new building in Irvine, Ca. for $160 million, about 60% of its construction cost. The WSJ reports that the Emmes Group of Cos., a New York real estate investment firm, bought the property for about $300 a square foot. The […]

The $134 Billion Mystery

I’m proceeding on the assumption that you are familiar with the $134 billion of U.S. government bonds that the Italians seized this week in an alleged smuggling plot. If not, the links in the article I’m linking to will give you the requisite background. Anyway, Karl Denninger does a super job thinking through all of […]

Where Is This Economy Heading?

As economic conditions appear to be improving and equity markets all over the globe signal better times ahead, it’s not hard to assume that the worst might be behind us, that we will start pulling out of this deep recession just as we have pulled out of so many others with robust growth. Two really […]