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Sheila Bair: Warnings And Shots At The Fed

Sheila Bair gave Forbes a fairly in-depth interview in which she cautioned that there was still some risk in the banking system and suggested that the Fed should not be the top-dog regulator. Her remarks on the banking system were pretty much what you would expect. It’s still under stress, there is little likelihood of […]

The Economist Tackles The Long Term Debt Problem

A worthwhile read at the Economist concerning the accumulation of sovereign debt. Eventually, the problem will have to be confronted. For now, we’ll just spend money on recovery, health care, education, politically motivated corporate bailouts and whatever other feel good program we meet on the road. All told the outlook is bleak. In a few […]

In Phoenix It’s Investors That Are Buying All Of The Homes

If you follow real estate at all, you have probably been reading about the rebound in the lower end of the market in some of the hardest hit areas of the country. Foreclosed homes in California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona are being snapped up. I’ve been asking and wondering what’s behind it and now have […]

The Fed: Financing For Everything

You knew that this was where we were headed. The NYT has a very good article that describes the manner in which politics is intruding on the Fed’s lending facilities particularly TALF. The central bank is increasingly having to make politically sensitive choices. For example, it is weighing whether loans to people who buy speedboats […]