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BK Judge Wants To See Other Bidders For Delphi

I wrote about (link here) the curious case of GM financing the leveraged buyout of Delphi by Platinum Equity a few days ago. The post didn’t garner much attention and indeed the whole issue seemed to be of little interest to the MSM or the blogosphere. Well the federal bankruptcy judge overseeing the Delphi Chapter […]

What’s Inside Waxman-Markey?

According to the energy tax lobby, the beauty of their cap-and-trade legislation is its market orientation. Instead of command and control the market in all of its wisdom will force people to make the right decisions and lead us on the path to a greener tomorrow. It would seem that noble cause could be encapsulated […]

Whom Shall We Blame For The Deficit?

David Leonhardt’s column in the NYT today went to great lengths to attempt to assess blame for the current budget deficits and those that are projected. I wanted to avoid commenting but given the amount of play it’sgetting, I feel obliged to at least offer a few links that put it into perspective. Predictably, it […]

Congress Tries To Blow Up The Housing Bubble Again

Come hell or high water, the government seems intent on bringing back the housing bubble. From Bloomberg: Lawmakers are pushing to revive legislation in the Senate that would almost double an $8,000 tax credit for first-time homebuyers and expand the program to all borrowers. Senator Johnny Isakson, a Georgia Republican, introduced a bill today that would […]

Let’s Get Rid Of The BA Degree

Derek Thompson who writes for the Atlantic had an interesting post the other day that featured what he called “10 Crazy Ways For Fixing Our Education System.” It’s a good article and I recommend it but it was his ninth point that caught my attention. It suggested doing away with the BA degree. The idea […]

The Nigerians Are Now Hiring

Amusing job notice I just received via email. I wonder how many desperate job seekers might jump on this scam. Can you spot the con? A Job for You! We thought you would be interested in this job: Job Information Job Title: Money Manager Assistant Req’d Education: Not Specified Company: Insurance Company Req’d Experience: Not […]

Sad News From The Fed

The Fed’s Beige Book Report is out and should dispel most talk of “green shoots” at least for a day or two. The report said that overall, the economy remained weak or deteriorated further from mid-April to May. There was some talk of second derivatives — the pace of decline is abating — and improving […]