Saved Jobs Alert

Pardon me while I bellyache about the saved jobs spin once more. The administration is apparently planning to ramp up stimulus spending and is once again tossing out their “save or create” jobs meme.

From MarketWatch:

At a Cabinet meeting on Monday, Vice President Joe Biden is presenting President Barack Obama with a plan for the second 100 days of Obama’s stimulus plan, the White House said.

Projects for the second 100 days include beginning work on rehabilitating 98 airports and 1,500 highways, constructing 200 new waste and water systems in rural locations around the country and putting 125,000 young people to work in summer jobs through the Department of Labor.

The White House says that the accelerated pace of stimulus spending will save or create 600,000 jobs in the second 100 days of the act, or four times the number created or saved in the first 100 days.

If you read this blog frequently, you know that the claim to have saved x number of jobs is unprovable, so they can claim anything they choose with no need to back it up with facts. If you want the longer version, here is a link to my original post on this issue.

Once again, sorry for chewing on this bone again. It gets under my skin.

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