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Ford’s Impossible Task

The WSJ has one of those “Duh” articles this evening that suggests that Ford may face tough going against two federally funded auto manufacturers. Ya think? I’ve written about this many times over the past month. Ford is probably a goner as well, either by dint of circumstance or because there truly is a plan […]

A Surprise In European Parliament Elections

Today was election day across Europe as voters lined up to elect representatives to the European Parliament. The results were startling — at least to me. From the WSJ: A thorough drubbing of European leaders was the order of the day in elections across the continent, as voters spooked by the economic collapse registered their […]

Another View Of Second Derivatives

Civil War Continues In Mexico

You might want to think twice before lining up that vacation in Mexico. From Bloomberg: Sixteen gunmen and two soldiers were killed last night in a gun battle between the military and the men near the hotel district in the Mexican resort city of Acapulco, the Secretary of National Defense said. Nine more soldiers were […]