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Some Behavioral Thoughts On Home Buying

Robert Shiller of the infamous Case-Shiller index has a particularly interesting piece in the NYT. Instead of hammering on numbers he takes a look at the psychology of home buyers and sellers and why that might affect home prices for some time to come. Shiller examines the behavioral biases that lead people to “irrationally” hold […]

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard Sees No “Green Shoots”

Perma-bear Ambrose Evans-Pritchard seems to have stuck his nose out of his cave after a brief hibernation and determined that the world has gone mad with some “green shoots” fever. He works overtime this week trying to cure us of this malady. The first thing he does in his Telegraph article is throw cold water […]

Economist Brad DeLong Wants A Second Stimulus Plan

Economist Brad DeLong is stumping for another fiscal stimulus plan. This one, he suggests, should be targeted directly to the states.  From the WSJ Real Time Economics blog, here is what he proposes: * Seek from the Congress for authority to guarantee the debt of states that, in response to the current recession, (a) seek […]

Private Equity Moves Further Into Banking

As two articles this week make clear, my Quixotic crusade to stem the tide of private equity into the banking industry is coming a cropper. I wrote a couple of posts over the last few weeks (here and here) decrying the cave-in to the PE industry’s pursuit of banks. Since then Bank United and First […]


Today is the 65th Anniversary of the Normandy landing. President Obama and other heads of state paid tribute at the Normandy American Cemetary and Memorial. has a well-written report on the events of the day. Amid all of the troubles swirling about us these days, it’s worth remembering that we have come through much […]

Banks Set To Make Big TARP Repayments Next Week

The Washington Post is reporting that as much as $50 billion of TARP money may be repaid next week.  The Obama administration is set to announce next week that a larger-than-expected number of big financial firms can repay their bailout funds, a sign of the government’s belief that the banking system is stabilizing, people familiar […]