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TED’s Thought On Regulation

Personally, I’m still working over regulatory reform in my mind. I’ve read Simon Johnson and others and see their points in favor of changing the rules but at the same time I’m frightened about what might come out of the swamp we call a Congress. I expect to do a post (maybe several) on this […]

Chrysler’s Creditors Get Another Day In Court

It probably will amount to nothing but a federal court has agreed to hear an appeal by a group of aggrieved Chrysler creditors. Oral arguments are supposed to begin on Friday. Why does this matter? Because if the deal isn’t done by June 15, Fiat can walk. From the WSJ:   The circuit court’s acceptance […]

GM Dumps Hummer On China

A week or so ago I wrote a post about a Chinese group buying a piece of the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. At that time I said it was in Yogi Berra’s immortal words, deja vous all over again. A country and its citizens hit the big time exporting cheap products all over the world and […]

May Auto Sales: Better But No Boom

Auto sales are out and we’re officially into second derivative territory again. Overall sales were down big time from last year but up from last month. In May of 2008 the industry was selling a bit over 14 million cars and light trucks (that’s a seasonally adjusted rate). It comes in right around 10 million […]

Pending Home Sales Up

Pending home sales (contracts signed but not closed) rose 6.7% for contracts signed in April. The April reading was 90.3 versus 87.5 in March. Low interest rates, lower home prices and government incentives were all factors in pushing up the index. Of some interest was the geographical disparity in the numbers. From the National Association […]