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The Man Behind The GM Solution

Tomorrow morning we will probably all wake up to the news that General Motors has entered into a Chapter 11 proceeding under the United States Bankruptcy Code and most likely emerge as a nationalized industry. These  events will have been orchestrated by the current administration though they don’t deserve all of the credit or discredit. […]

GM’s Sale Of Opel Roils Europe

The GM bankruptcy or anticipated bankruptcy (it’s supposed to be announced at 8 AM tomorrow) is actually moving along pretty smoothly in this country. Not so in Europe where the sale of its Opel subsidiary is roiling governments. A quick recap. After it looked like Fiat had the inside track on Opel a consortium of […]

Corporate CEO’s Finally Come To The Debate

I don’t watch the Sunday morning news shows but it sounds like Meet The Press would have been worth it today. reports that Anne Mulcahy, the CEO of Xerox and a former Obama advisor wants to see some details on the administration’s plans to cut the deficit. “All of us understand the need for […]

Rewriting The Homebuilding Handbook

There’s an interesting article in the Arizona Republic about Meritage Homes and its attempts to revamp its business model. Aside from being a relatively impressive retooling, the article and Meritage’s efforts probably represent a good model of what home building is likely to be all about for the next few years. It’s also a bit […]

GM’s Bondholders Capitulate

According to the Wall Street Journal, GM has persuaded a majority of its bondholders to go along with the proposed plan of reorganization.  General Motors Corp. moved a step closer to what it hopes will be a smooth bankruptcy process after a majority of investors holding $27 billion in the company’s bonds agreed to forgive the […]