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A Scientist’s Advice On How To Learn

I found this gem on Marginal Revolution. It’s from a blog called Metamodern which is written by a scientist. This is his prescription for studying: I recommend that intellectually ambitious students invest considerable time in a mode of study may set off subconscious alarm signals that conflicts with almost instinctive impulses imparted by classroom experience: […]

What’s Going To Be The Fallout From Increasing Oil Prices?

Here’s a short update on the oil market from the Telegraph: Many Western investors and politicians have been hoping “cheap crude” would see us through this crisis. During the first quarter of this year oil averaged $42, compared with $94 during 2008. That has helped dampen inflation by keeping the lid on energy costs to […]

Will Auto Sales Ever Get Back To “Normal”

Apropos to my post below, here is an article from the New York Times assessing the potential for the automobile market over the next few years.  For all the drastic cuts and financial overhauls that are meant to secure a future for General Motors and Chrysler, their prospects in coming years will be determined more by the answer […]

Assessing The Auto Industry Wreck

Barring divine intervention come Monday, GM will be in bankruptcy and probably around the end of the summer will emerge as a new company owned for all intents and purposes by the U.S. government. Chrysler probably comes out of bankruptcy next week, also under government control. Given all of that, I thought it a good […]

The Tax Man Cometh

Despite protestations from politicians to the contrary, it’s becoming somewhat clear that higher taxes across the board — not just for the rich — are in the offing. The sky over Washington is full of trial balloons. Trotted out in various venues this week were thoughts on a VAT like tax for the U.S. as […]