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How California Can Prosper Once More

If you’re looking for some down to earth analysis of the current problems in California, it’s hard to find a better analyst than Joel Kotkin. He’s a long time resident of the state, knows its economics and politics and usually bases his conclusions on sound data and logic. For that reason, I was happy to […]

GM Secured Lenders To Get Repayment In Full

I’m sure there’s a reason why GM’s secured bank lenders are purportedly getting a full recovery of their loans while the Chrysler secured lenders got 29 cents on the dollar. I just can’t come up with it right now. From the WSJ: Secured bank lenders to General Motors Corp. would get a full recovery on $6 billion […]

Just What You’ve Been Waiting For: The GM/Government/UAW Agreement

It looks formidable but actually reads pretty quickly. What is it? The new agreement that the UAW hammered out with the government.  A good way to get to sleep this evening. more: here it is — enjoy!

Should We Be Able To Buy Whatever Health Care We Can Afford?

I often find the debate over health care reform blindingly wonkish. It seems to be one of those policy debates in which both sides have good arguments as well as indefensible positions. They, therefore, tend to go to extremes in an effort to explain away the failures of their positions and trumpet the strong points […]

The Two Year Note Is Well Received But Rates Are Still Climbing

The two year note auction went off without a hitch today. John Jansen at Across the Curve notes that 54% of the issue was subscribed to by central banks. He then asks if these guys are going to show up for the 5 and 7 year auctions tomorrow and Thursday. Central banks bought over 54 […]

Mortgage Mods Still Not Working

Here’s a quick update on mortgage modifications. It seems that the magic formula, if there is one. that will make this work is proving to be elusive. From the WSJ: But as Fitch and others have found, finding the right way to modify a loan remains a challenge. Servicing firms increased the use of modifications […]

Latest Case-Shiller Report Is More Of The Same

If you want to keep your blogging license, you have to report the Case-Shiller monthly numbers. So dutifully from the WSJ Real Time Economics blog, here is the latest. The National Index, which is released quarterly and covers a broader area than the monthly 20- and 10-city indexes, posted a 19% drop in the first […]