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Reregulation: The First Real Shot Of The War

Finally someone has come out with a comprehensive idea of how to deal with reregulation. The WSJ Real Time economics blog has some of the details, but the official version doesn’t come out until tomorrow. The people behind it are impressive so it should at least get some play for a little while, at least […]

The States Line Up For Their Bailout

I’ve written about this several times and certainly others have as well, but it looks as if some sort of bailout(s) of state and local governments is about to take shape. The whole idea has been kicking around since the early TARP days but it’s picking up speed, so now’s a good time to take […]

A Realistic View Of The Reason Derivatives Exist

This is maybe the best summation of the derivatives market that I have read. It is from David Murphy who writes the excellent Deus Ex Macchiato blog. He is responding to another blogger who waxes poetic about the golden age of derivatives. Oh grow up. I mean, really. Derivatives were always about tax arb and […]

Another Oil Shock Around The Corner

About a month ago I wrote a post concerning a thesis that was floating around that high energy prices rather than the housing debacle that was at the heart of the collapse of the economy. It generated lots of comments, pro and con, on Seeking Alpha but in the end it was just a thesis, […]

A Chinese Group Buys Into The NBA

The Chinese central bank might still be buying Treasuries but it looks like the private sector wants more tangible U.S. assets. The WSJ reports that a Chinese conglomerate is on the cusp of buying a 15% interest in the group that owns the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA. The Cleveland Cavaliers have signed an agreement […]

Indians Opt For Luxury Cars

I guess car buyers are pretty much the same all over the world. From the NYT: The chairman of Tata Motors, Ratan Tata, had 500 engineers work for four years designing the world’s lowest-cost car, convinced that cost-conscious Indian drivers could live without air-conditioning and cup holders. But only 20 percent of Tata’s initial 203,000 orders […]