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Never Forget Them-Memorial Day 2009

N. Korea Tests Another Nuke

One of those evenings when you realize that there is more that needs to be addressed than just economic systems. From the NYT: North Korea said it had successfully conducted a nuclear test on Monday, raising the explosive power and level of control of its nuclear device to a new level, its state media said. […]

Yale President’s Baccalaureate Address: Some Words To Ponder

Yale University President Richard Levin had some poignant things to say in his address to the 2009 graduates today. Among them a defense of capitalism: The world economy is a mess. In the United States, we have experienced the sharpest reduction in gross domestic product in five decades, and the ride is not yet over. As […]

Watch The Treasury Auctions This Week For Signs On Interest Rates

Monday may be a holiday but it looks as if the action in the bond market might be fast and furious for the rest of the week. The Treasury has a lot to auction but before we get to that let’s take a quick look at a couple other factors that might impinge on the […]

A Case For Gold

An interesting analysis of the prospects for gold from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard this week. Along the way to his conclusion he does a nice job of stating the cases for inflation and deflation. He starts out by noting that the Chinese have substituted gold for some of the paper they could be buying from the West […]