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TALF And Hogs

Missed this until this evening. It’s from the Saturday WSJ. It seems that TALF is providing financing for some securitizations that are a bit out on the curve. Lately they’ve been involved with a $500 million deal for Harley Davidson and a $709 million one for Alliance Data Systems. Now this isn’t to knock either […]

Central Bankers Protecting Us From All Bad Things

You know it’s a slow news day when you’re reduced to writing about a study from the Bank for International Settlements. Oh well, you’ve got to play the hand that you’ve been dealt. So, anyway the BIS (the central bankers central bank) asks the pithy question of what role central banks should play in reducing […]

A Lighter Look At The Week


Asia Risks Much With Its Criticisms Of U.S. Monetary Policy

Here are some comments that are long over due. Ambrose Evans-Pritchard suggests in the Telegraph that the Asian nations need to get a grip on reality and stop bashing Washington over reckless fiscal and monetary policies and realize that their survival as viable economies depend on the success of those policies. Mr. Evans-Pritchard recounts the […]

Looking For Benefits Of Cap-And-Trade

If you’re a climate change wonk you might want to check out Marginal Revolution. Tyler Cowen is looking for any and all studies on the benefits of Markey-Waxman. Apparently he hasn’t seen anything that validates proceeding with the bill.