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Two Different Views Of Economic Imperatives

Alan Blinder has an op-ed piece in the New York Times warning of the dangers of reversing course in economic policy in the near term. Meanwhile Liam Halligan writing in the Telegraph asks where’s deflation.  Blinder recounts the familiar story of the policy errors that the Fed and administration made in 1936 and 1937 that […]

Europe’s Economic Disaster

I didn’t get around to the European economic numbers yesterday which is inexcusable because in many ways they may have been the biggest news item of the day. The data is simply ghastly, and that may be putting it too mildly. From the Economist: The euro area is falling into such a deep hole that […]

Low Interest Rates Forever?

This article in the NYT is the sort of thing that I normally blow right past but, maybe because it’s a slow Saturday morning, I took a moment to glance through it. It about how to modify the “cash for clunkers” legislation to conform to the author’s vision of a just society.  I’m not particularly […]