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Two Things Well Worth Reading

A couple things I meant to mention today and never got around to. Henry Blodgett at Clusterstock has a great post that runs through Deutsche Bank’s most recent assessment of the housing market. I resisted the temptation to steal the charts — they’re terrific — so you will have to follow the link over there. […]

Sheila Bair Says Press Reports Are Misleading AKA I Didn’t Say What I Said

President Obama didn’t understand what the health care providers were really promising, Nancy Pelosi says no one told her anything about torture but none of her colleagues seem willing to back her up on that one and now Sheila Bair says that she didn’t really say that some bank executives will be replaced. These Washington […]

Krugman To China: Go Green Now Or Else

Paul Krugman appears to be channeling Al Gore in his editorial in the New York Times today. The good professor suggests that it is past time to clamp down on evil Chinese polluters before they choke us all to death. It seems Dr. Krugman spent the last week in China and was shocked at the […]

Backtracking On Health Care Savings

On May 10 I wrote a post about the alliance of health care associations that had pledged to cut the rate of increase in health care spending by 1.5% a year for a 10 year savings of $2 trillion. Aside from noting that it was mostly spin, I questioned how long this rather strange amalgamation […]