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Here Comes Health Care “Reform”

A very slow news weekend but it picked up a bit with the announcement by the administration that a mix of health care participants have pledged to work towards reducing health care costs by up to $2 trillion over the next ten years. Actually, they suggest they will slow the rate of increase in the […]

Lots Of Questions About Where The Economies Are Headed

Where is this economy and stock market going to go from here? Is it a suckers rally or just the stock market doing what it always does — discounting future growth? Here’s a trio of bearish views from the U.K. and one from this side of the pond. Perma-bear Ambrose Evans-Pritchard pulls out a bunch […]

Obama’s Speech To The White House Correspondents – A Nice Break From The Rancor

President Obama at the annual White House correspondents dinner. Traditionally, the president gives a humorous, sometimes self-deprecating speech. Obama doesn’t disappoint. It’s a very entertaining piece, enjoy it.