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A Discussion Of Relativism And Tolerance

This has nothing to do with finance, banking, the recession, greed on Wall Street, craven politicians or any other of the maladies that afflict us, but then again maybe it has everything to do with all of that. It’s a very interesting article from the American Thinker that discusses relativism and tolerance. I will warn you […]

Why The Government Doesn’t Belong In The Muni Bond Business

Somehow I missed this but that doesn’t mean anything, I miss a lot of things. So if you’re up to speed on the government providing reinsurance for municipal bonds then skip this post. If not, here is a little blurb I found on Fox Business: Congressional Democrats are working on measures to offer government insurance […]

A Worldwide Look At Demographic Trends

Watching the Players Championship and catching up on reading. The great thing about golf on TV is you can use 90% of your time to do something other than watch the game. At any rate, I had an article from the Wilson Quarterly on demographic trends sitting around for weeks and finally got to it. […]

How The Banks Will Fix Themselves

John Hempton has been blogging for some time about the ability of big U.S. banks to muddle through their current problems and recapitalize via earnings. He put up two posts in the last two days that pulls a lot of his earlier writings together. If you want a blueprint for how the financial crisis is […]