A Bankruptcy Blog To Get You Through The Chrysler Ordeal

If you really want to get down and dirty with the Chrysler bankruptcy and all of the attendant arguments surrounding it then here’s the blog for you. The Bankruptcy Litigation Blog will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about Section 363 sales, the absolute priority rule and disguised plans of reorganization to name just a few. 

The site is chock full of links and excerpts of Supreme Court decisions. The author even manages to bring a little humor into this dry subject. For example in this dry observation about the holes that exist in various opinions:

Relying on Bildisco to establish an unwavering rule of law is also risky because Supreme Court jurisprudence on bankruptcy matters is anything but a seamless web.  Indeed, Ken Klee points out in his remarkable new book, Bankruptcy and the Supreme Court, Justice Rehnquist once wrote to Justice Stevens:  “I do not feel that I am qualified to make any sort of exegesis on the meaning of the Bankruptcy Code.”  (Klee, p. 48).

I don’t have any interest in this blog, I just find it terribly informative. Go ahead and take a look and indulge your inner attorney fantasies.

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