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The Banks Find Something Else To Hide Behind

The WSJ says that banks are shortening the terms of their revolving credits and tying the interest rate to CDS spreads. The first move makes sense, the second still shows they haven’t committed to fundamental credit analysis. Now, lenders are cutting the length of many commitments to less than a year. They are charging higher […]

Jack Kemp RIP

Whether you agreed with him or disagreed with him, he was a force in politics over three decades. His passing deserves notice.

Some Lighter Stuff

This headline from a Bloomberg article on Indonesia conjours up too many bad mental pictures; Speedo-Wearing Bankers Descend on Perfect Beach Ane here are a couple cartoons.  

Can You Make Detroit Profitable With Green Cars?

Doug MacEachern asks a pretty important question in an opinion piece today. He wants the Obama administration to declare its intentions with regard to its car company ownership. They will have to declare a goal. Do they want to rebuild an industry that is now a smoking wreck? Which is another way of asking: Do […]

San Diego New Homes Selling Briskly

As far as I’m concerned the jury is still out on the housing market but I’m not going to ignore some signs that things may be turning around. The preponderance of foreclosures in the existing sales numbers has led a lot of analysts to suggest that bargain hunters and investors are driving the market and […]