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You Make The Policy Response On Flu Emergency

Suppose you were in the government chain of command that has to deal with the swine flu threat. You have good intelligence from the CDC that this is a new strain of flu, that it’s transmitted from human to human and that it could be deadly but so far not enough data to confirm that. […]

Are Asian Exporters Chasing A Failing Strategy?

China Financial Markets which is written by Michael Pettis has an intriguing post on the death of the Asian development model.  Here is how Pettis describes the model: As I see it the Asian development model involves polices that aim directly or indirectly at boosting savings and channeling huge amounts of subsidized resources (usually subsidized […]

Take Your Mind Off Of Disasters For A Few Seconds

A couple of cute cartoons.

A Look At Obstacles To Long-Term Recovery

Maybe one of the reasons that I like Ambrose Evans-Pritchard so much is that we tend to see the world through the same lens. That doesn’t mean it’s the right lens just that it’s a similar lens. His most recent column touches on several issues that I’ve also written about. In his column this week […]