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Swine Flu Update

Here are links to a couple of good articles on the either imminent flu disaster or tempest in a teapot. Both are from links I published earlier and if you want to keep up with the developments are among the best sites I have found. Bottom line is that at this point no one knows […]

Angry Workers Worldwide

From the More than a century and a half after Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels urged the workers of the world to unite, there is still little sign of the proletariat seizing control of the means of production. But since the credit crunch erupted in 2007, plunging two-thirds of countries into recession and costing […]

Carbon Legislation May Have To Wait Another Year

Cap-and-trade appears to be running into rough waters and if it fails, the administration won’t be able to blame the Republican party. In fact, the culprits are going to be their fellow Democrats. Kimberley Strassell wrote and industry article in the Friday edition of the WSJ analyzing the political roadblocks to the plan. Not that […]

The Growing Threat From A New Flu Virus

If you’ve been preoccupied with stress tests, automobile company bankruptcies and government officials instructing bank CEO’s to ignore their fiduciary duties you can be excused for missing a threat against which all of our current travails will pale. Specifically, the emergence and apparent widespread infection of citizens of that country by a new form of […]