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BofA’s Lewis Rats Out Bernanke And Paulson

It’s amazing how quickly secrets leak out these days. The WSJ has testimony from Bank of America’s CEO Ken Lewis’s testimony before New York Attorney General in February. It’s wild and somewhat  troubling stuff. What emerges from the WSJ story is a picture of Treasury Secretary Paulson and Fed Chairman Bernanke exceeding any semblance of […]

Holman Jenkins Shreds The Administration’s Auto Policy

Just in case you missed it, you might want to check out Holman Jenkins editorial in the WSJ today in which he likens President Obama to a king in pursuit of an unachievable goal. He once again shows why he has the best grasp around of the economics of the car industry. Here’s a sample: […]

GM And Chrysler Edge Towards The Cliff

The WSJ says that Chrysler, the government and the bank holdouts are still negotiating. According to the Journal the government has put a new offer on the table. The Treasury now proposes that the banks and other lenders accept as payment 22% of the $6.9 billion they are owed plus a 5% equity stake in […]

The U.K. Tax Hike

You’ve probably heard or read about the new U.K. personal income tax rates by now but just for the record, here is what came down today. From the Guardian: Alistair Darling attempted to lay down battle lines for next year’s general election with a £7bn squeeze on the rich followed by a brutal freeze on public […]

Things Don’t Look Too Bright For Cap And Trade On Earth Day

It’s Earth Day and the President used the opportunity to stump for his vision of a more environmentally friendly country. I don’t know what your position on all of this may be and while I try not to get too much in anyones face about mine, you probably have guessed what it is if you […]

Americans Relocated At Record Low Rates In 2008

The NYT has some interesting figures on relocation within the country that the Census Bureau just released. It shows that fewer Americans moved in 2008 than in any year since 1962. Immigration was also the lowest in more than a decade. The Census Bureau reported that the annual rate at which people moved dipped last year to […]

Ranting About Apologizing Politicians And The IMF

I don’t know about you but I’m getting a little tired of my elected leaders going around the world apologizing to anyone who will listen and conceding that yes indeed, if something’s not going well it is probably America’s fault. The latest bit of self-flagelation came from Treasury Secretary Geithner today when in a speech […]