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The Plan To Save The Banks

Just when you thought it was safe to stop worrying about the banks along comes the Obama administration to puncture your balloon. Two reports tonight — one from the FT and the other from the NYT — should have the blogosphere and MSM buzzing tomorrow. First, the FT reports that the administration is philosophically in […]

Sunday Spin

Same day, different spin on the economy from the White House.┬áPresident Obama who is wrapping up a meeting with nations of the Americas the President said that the U.S. has a ways to go before recovery> “We’re not out of the woods. This is still a difficult time for the economy. Credit is still contracted,” […]

Taxes And Tea Bags

The subject of the week in the blogosphere was certainly taxes and tea bag demonstrations. As usual some of the chatter was good and a lot just tried to justify ideological positions. If the subject is something that interests you then you need to develop a good base of information in order to reach logical […]

Is Oil The Best Energy Play?

If you’re looking for a way to play the energy sector, here are some thoughts from Ambsose Evans-Pritchard that you might want to consider. My favorite doomster turns his attention to the oil markets and has some interesting observations. He properly notes that the world needs oil at $70 or above in order to bring […]

Emanuel: No Bank Nationalizations Coming

Interesting comments from Rahm Emanuel on a Sunday morning talk show. From Reuters: The Obama administration thinks it can avoid nationalizing U.S. banks that are currently under scrutiny to see how well they would fare if the recession were worse than expected, the White House said on Sunday. “I think we will be able to […]