More Bailout Candidates

Will Boeing be next in line at the bailout window. Their European competitor, Airbus, is arguing for government financial assistance so they might not be far behind.

From the WSJ:

Governments should help provide financing for airlines to buy planes, stepping in where credit channels are blocked, Airbus Chief Executive Thomas Enders said Thursday.

Speaking to journalists after a meeting of European aeronautics companies, Mr. Enders said aircraft makers don’t need a direct government bailout but want state support for their customers and the smaller companies that supply parts. He warned that aircraft manufacturers could cut production if the economic situation worsens. 

It’s always helpful to have someone else do the heavy lifting. Get the EU behind loans for Airbus and Congress will fall all over itself to help out Boeing. Life should be so easy all the time.

This one’s a snap. The Europeans figure that there’s only about a $20 billion hole that needs to be filled. Pocket change in Washington these days.

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