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How Do You Deal With Bubbles?

Calculated Risk has a post this evening featuring Janet Yellen’s thoughts on asset price bubbles and the appropriate response to such phenomena. Her thrust seems to be that the Fed should be more attentive to the development of bubbles and act more quickly to control them. Let me borrow from CR its excerpt of the […]

Too Big To Fail Has Its Defenders

The Atlantic takes on the “Too Big To Fail” argument today and seems to reach the conclusion that financial institutions can be systemically important without being large and thus the entire discussion about downsizing the banks is moot. Here is the author’s (his or her byline is Economics of Contempt) conclusion: The point is that […]

More Bailout Candidates

Will Boeing be next in line at the bailout window. Their European competitor, Airbus, is arguing for government financial assistance so they might not be far behind. From the WSJ: Governments should help provide financing for airlines to buy planes, stepping in where credit channels are blocked, Airbus Chief Executive Thomas Enders said Thursday. Speaking […]

Fourteen Of Obama’s Biggest Critics

I’m not a big list guy but this one is kind of interesting. It’s from Salon and lists the most strident critics of President Obama’s economic plan. It’s got their best negative quotes. Maybe the most intriguing item is that a liberal economist leads the list.

Are You Sure You Want A Fue Efficient Car?

You might want to watch this before you go shopping for that new Smart Car.

Will GM Walk Away From Trucks And SUVs?

According to the WSJ, the Obama administration is pressuring GM to abandon its GMC brand. GMC produces mainly SUVs and small pickup trucks. From a business perspective, this is kind of hard to understand. If GM does anything right, building small cars and SUVs is probably one of them. The division’s products carry the highest […]

Coping With An Uncertain World

Infrequently it pays to have CNBC running in the background. Today was one of those rare times when I picked up something useful. Ken Moelis, a former UBS investment banker and now the proprietor of his own shop, was doing an interview with one of the money honeys and offered some thoughts that run counter […]