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Will The Government Keep Goldman Under Its Thumb?

It’s been a tough day for the Goldman Sachs haters but they haven’t given up. The thought that the firm might escape the constraints of TARP has been almost too much to stomach but the strategy for keeping them in the fold is emerging tonight. The debt that they and others issued with a FDIC […]

Treasury Says They’ll Tell Us Some Things About The Stress Tests

  Well you knew this was going to happen. The Treasury Department says now that they will release some of the results of the bank stress tests.  I guess you have to give them some credit for realizing that this information would take, oh say 24 hours to leak out. What’s laughable is they think […]

Foreclosures Reappearing

The problem with kicking a can down the road is that it eventually quits rolling and you come upon it again. Such is the case with foreclosures. Various moratoriums that were placed on foreclosures over the past few months are reaching their end and as you might have guessed, the problem is still there. So, […]

A Disappointing Retail Sales Report

For the Pollyannas like me who see a second half rebound today’s retail sales number was a splash of cold water. It’s being reported that retail sales for March were down 1.1% over February and down 10.7% from last March.  Taking some of the pain out of the numbers was the news that January sales […]