What Constitutes An American Car?

In case you thought Buy American was just a slogan, consider this. 

The administration has ordered the GSA to speed up its purchases of automobiles. The agency is charged with purchasing 17,600 cars and the administration wants it done by June 1. The cars have to be American made but that means something more than just made in America.

The President issued this statement:

“By purchasing fuel-efficient vehicles from American automakers over the next two months, this move will help stimulate the economy, support the auto industry and achieve energy-efficiency goals.” 

If you happen to live in Alabama or Kentucky or Texas and work for Toyota, Honda or one of the other companies that have their headquarters outside the U.S. but build cars here don’t plan on any overtime. American automakers means car companies that make cars here and also happen to have their headquarters in the U.S.

I’ve no problem with the government buying U.S. manufactured products. I do have a problem with a bunch of men and women getting stiffed just because they happen to work for a company that has its headquarters elsewhere. This administration made much of a the lack of competitive bidding that went on during the Iraq War during the election campaign. When push comes to shove they pull the same sorry tricks.

Let’s not dance around this. It’s a political payoff to the unions and regions that supported the President’s candidacy. It’s not surprising but it’s also not much “change.”

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