Get Your Piece Of The PPIP

Rejoice! The government has figured out a way to help you recapitalize those 401K’s and IRA’s. That retirement may be closer than you think.

Plans are afoot for all of the great unwashed to participate in PPIT. Yes, you can cash in along with the heavy hitters. They’re going to put together a mutual fund or something like that so you can invest your money right along sid of the masters. The Obama administration is pushing them to create something to let you in on the action. 

The following comment from the NYT sums up the opportunity that awaits:

“This is an opportunity to forge an alliance between Main Street, Wall Street and K Street,” said Steven A. Baffico, an executive at BlackRock, referring to the Washington address of many lobbying firms. BlackRock, a giant money management firm, is playing a central role in the government’s efforts and is considering creating a bailout fund. “It’s giving the guy on Main Street an equal seat at the table next to the big guys,” he said.

So belly up to the table with the “big guys”, throw some chips on the table and see what it’s like to cash in. I can’t see what could go wrong. No way would the government let you in on this if it wasn’t a lock. Between the government and the “big guys” how can you miss. 

After all, they’ve been on top of this from day one. Haven’t they?

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