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Not So Subtle Differences In G-20’s Recent Statements

Just a quick pointer to a new blog that I found via Greg Mankiw. It’s by a fellow by the name of Keith Hennessey (here’s the link). He’s a former Bushie so I’m sure that will turn people off right away. Give him a chance. I found this article really interesting. Hennessey writes about the […]

Is Competitive Devaluation A Growing Threat?

Well the world is once again spinning on its proper axis. Uber-bear Ambrose Evans-Pritchard after a brief dalliance with optimism is once again viewing the world through his apocalyptic lens. In the he focuses in on Japan and Switzerland.  Swiss consumer prices fell 0.4pc in March (year-on-year). Swiss CPI will be minus 1pc at […]

Regulatory Reform For Too Big To Fail Institutions

Tyler Cowen has a piece in the NYT today arguing that regulatory reform won’t work unless creditors are exposed to the risk of some loss in the event of counterparty failure. Mr. Cowen suggests that the simple solution of letting creditors make their case in bankruptcy court isn’t workable because of the cost to the […]

Geithner Denies Intent To Circumvent TARP Compensation Rules

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said today that the administration is fully committed to complying with the Congressional limitations on compensation within companies receiving government assistance. Recall yesterday that the Washington Post had an article suggesting just the opposite (link). On Face the Nation, Geithner said: No, that’s not true,” Geithner said when asked about a […]