Obama Protecting The Banks From The Mob

Politico.com has an interesting post on the bankers’ meeting with President Obama last week. It wasn’t a kumbaya session.

There were signs from the outset that this was a business event, not a social gathering. At each place around the table sat a single glass of water. No ice. For those who finished their glass, no refills were offered. There was no group photograph taken of the CEOs with the president, which typically happens at ceremonial White House gatherings but not at serious strategy sessions.

“The only way they could have sent a more Spartan message is if they had served bread along with the water,” says a person who attended the meeting. “The signal from Obama’s body language and demeanor was, ‘I’m the president, and you’re not.’”

It will be quite interesting to see the distribution of campaign contributions during the next election cycle.

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