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Americorps Agenda?

This is kind of creepy. It’s from the citing some fairly extreme clauses inserted in the House bill increasing the funding for Americorps. You can read it and make your own judgments. I don’t intend to get too worked up about it now since it appears that some of the more extreme proposals have […]

Russia Won’t Pay For IMF Lending Expansion

I missed this earlier today. From the Alexei Kudrin, the Finance Minister, said the country “Russia is not taking part” because it already is giving $10bn in emergency funding to neighbouring countries of the former Soviet Union. “We believe we play a role of big brother in our region,” he told a Russian banking […]

Obama Protecting The Banks From The Mob has an interesting post on the bankers’ meeting with President Obama last week. It wasn’t a kumbaya session. There were signs from the outset that this was a business event, not a social gathering. At each place around the table sat a single glass of water. No ice. For those who finished their glass, […]

Chrysler’s Banks Playing Hardball

Once more all of the financial engineering is coming home to roost. Oh, and the government is caught between banks it wants to save and auto companies it wants to save. The banks that loaned Chrysler $6.8 billion to facilitate the take over by Cerberus are now balking at the government’s request to exchange $5 […]

How Much Power Did The G-20 Give The IMF?

The recently completed G-20 summit is being heralded as something of if not a triumph, a solid success. Some see increased global financial regulation as one of its achievements and most are touting the large increase in funding for the IMF as the singular achievement. Honestly, I’ve read the report and analysis by some observers […]