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More G-20 Thoughts-This Time From Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

Just when it looked like it might be OK to take a peak outside of the cave along comes Ambrose Evans-Pritchard loosing lightning bolts right and left. Unlike many, he considers the upcoming G-20 event critical. He recounts the history of a similar meeting in London in 1933 which was a disaster. The United States […]

Angela Merkel Sees No Need For More Stimulus

The much ballyhooed G-20 meeting kicks off late next week. The demonstrations started this weekend as did some pre-conference lobbying on the part of the politicians. Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, went on the record saying that spending too much money on fiscal stimulus is counter productive. Keep in mind that the American view […]

Bank Size: Two Sides To The Debate About Too Big To Fail

If you have any interest in the debate about whether we should continue to allow “too big to fail” banks or break them up then here are a couple links to some good discussion on the topic. John Hempton argues that we should follow the Australian/Canadian model and create very big, lazy banks that make […]