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Regulation: Now We Get To The Real Fight

Here comes the main bout. The Obama administration is set to propose its financial regulatory regime tomorrow. From the reports tonight in the NYT and others it is going to start one of the biggest battles we have seen in years. I just read the Times article and I’m appalled. What they are proposing is […]

Obama’s Auto Task Force Struggles

The WSJ is out this evening with a pretty extensive article on the state of the negotiations between the government, GM and Chrysler. It isn’t a really pretty picture. A large part of the article is given over to a discussion of the absence of industry expertise among the members of the auto industry team. […]

More Bank Problems Hiding In The Shadows?

The amount of credit risk that the banks have hiding in off-balance-sheet vehicles was a fairly big deal at the onset of the credit crisis. I haven’t seen much about it recently and assumed, mistakenly, that it had become a non-issue. Bloomberg has an article today that suggests that isn’t the case at all. David […]

Do You Need Your Mail On Saturday?

Can someone explain why we need six day a week mail delivery? The head of the Postal Service went before Congress today to ask for permission to eliminate Saturday delivery of mail. It seems that they lost $2.8 billion last year and are facing larger losses this year due to the recession. Eliminating Saturday delivery […]

A Bit Of Good Economic News

A little more good economic news this morning. New home sales rose from an annual rate of 322,000 in January to 337,000 in February. Though this represents a 4.7% month over month increase it’s important to keep in mind that this is still an abysmally low number of sales. In fact, it is the second slowest month on record, January having […]