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Obama Administration To Wall Street-We Still Love You Guys-Now Pony Up

Well, file this one under the heading that no good deed ever goes unpunished. The administration according to the New York Times spent most of today trying to convince big investors to jump on board Treasury Secretary Geithner’s plan to bailout the banks. The reticence they are encountering is of course the prospect of being […]

DeLong Explains The Geithner Plan

You might find this of interest. It is Brad DeLong’s explanation of Geithner’s plan to relieve the banks of their toxic assets. He seems to believe it is worthwhile, potentially very profitable and has so far been improperly explained. Q: What is the Geithner Plan? A: The Geithner Plan is a trillion-dollar operation by which […]

Another Perspective

Phoenix Real Estate: Was It Really A Bad Deal?

The Arizona Republic has an illuminating breakdown of real estate values by zip code in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Their website doesn’t have the pages so I can’t send you there directly. I did find another link which I’ll give to you at the end of this post. The data they have collected and […]

Administration Tries To Tone Down The AIG Bonus Rhetoric

Looks like the Obama¬† administration is trying to find a way out of the AIG bonus/confiscate mess. Jered Bernstein, Biden’s economic adviser, said this morning that the House bill may go too far. “I think the president would be concerned that this bill may have some problems in going too far — the House bill […]